Comprehensive Lift Supply and Service

When it comes to lifts, look no further than The Machine Room. We're the go-to for lift service and supply company in your area. Choosing us means tapping into top-notch expertise and reliability. Our team can keep your lift in excellent working order and we can also provide you with high-quality lift supply.

All of our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that your lift will not only run smoothly but also remain safe for those who use it.

From routine maintenance to sourcing parts, we've got you covered. Don't risk any downtime with subpar service—opt for The Machine Room and keep your lifts in tip-top shape.

Complete turnkey

Bespoke lift solutions

Our installation team is well versed in CDM, many lift projects undertaken on residential or commercial properties are the sole projects being undertaken on site during that time and therefore a Principal Designer should be appointed by the client under CDM regulation. We can operate within this role and will produce the required pre-construction plan required under these regulations and project manage until completion.

Our team will meet with you personally to discuss budget and conformance requirements for your building. We would then be able to assist you with the best possible solution to suit and walk through this step by step to achieve the best possible product and the best possible service, Once instructed we would personally manage the lift package until completion assuring your bespoke project is delivered fully conformant and on time.

Technologically advanced specialised

Door systems

To achieve maximum transport performance, capacity calculations for modern lift systems take into account not only travel speed but also the shortness of the door opening and closing phases.

The most distinctive feature of this door is that it is the first to employ rollers of 90 mm in diameter together with kicking rollers of a diameter of 35 mm. The large rollers are low-wearing and very smooth running, because they perform approximately two revolutions per door cycle only (with a CDW of 1,100 mm). The high performance MiDrive® door drive enables door speeds of approx. 1.0 m/sec., which translates to an opening time of less than 1.3 seconds for a twopanel centre-opening door (CDW 1,100 mm, CDH2,300 mm).

These high-performance doors are designed for use in conjunction with the tried and tested TM1 – (D)V skate system with the additional designation ‘L’, which denotes the larger clearance distance of the skate brackets between the hook lock rollers. This is now double what it was in the previous version and ensures fast and disturbance-free up and down movement of the car in the shaft.

The spot-welded panels of both car and landing doors are of a double-wall construction, and the landing doors are compliant with DIN 18091 or EN 81-58, E120.

High end lift installations

More than an elevator

The special is commonplace with us, because we have specialised in elevator systems with extraordinary requirements. Individuality is our strength, innovation our motivation. In the technology, but also in the design and in terms of our services.

Continuous further development is part of our everyday life - but we still remain true to traditional values and manufacture our products from A to Z completely ourselves. This stands for Swiss quality down to the smallest detail - and our supplier has done so for over 140 years and their products have been supplied to clients such as Ferrari, Fifa Museum, Omega Museum and Bucherer.

High security lift systems

Explosion-proof doors

It is extremely important, especially when it comes to explosion-proof sliding doors, to strictly adhere to existing laws and regulations. The ATEX Directive 2016/34/EU entered into force in April of 2016, creating a revised legal framework that redefines explosion protection in Europe.
As a result, all products that are subject to the ATEX Directive have to be revised and undergo new testing.

Our range of sliding doors and has adapted its current product line accordingly. Thus, technical solutions are available for Ex zones 2/22 and 1/21.

Depending on the design, these doors can be used in explosive atmospheres of the groups IIA-IIB and IIIA-IIIC, for temperatures between T4 and T6 or for operation in highly sensitive gas atmospheres such as carbon disulphide, carbon monoxide and ethylene oxide.

Lift servicing

and preventative maintenance

The objective of our lift maintenance and servicing schedules are to preserve your lift so it is fully functional, safe and reliable. Here at The Machine Room, we do not sell visits, 15-minute maintenance or visual inspections like the majority of our competitors as we only provide preventative maintenance solutions to insure your lift is running at its optimal performance and fully compliant with the manufacturer's recommendations

We have identified the consumable parts required for each product and all of our engineers keep stock to eliminate unnecessary downtime if they are required at any stage of your unit's lifetime.

Our ethos is that periodic tailored preventative maintenance minimises the risk of break downs and is far more economical than elevated call-out rates or emergency unscheduled repairs.