The Machine Room

Any vision can become a reality

A room with many lights on the ceiling

Elevating spaces

with exclusive lift services

The Machine Room provides bespoke, high-end lift supply, installation and maintenance services for a range of clients, including private houses and residential facilities.

We understand that every customer is different, and we always strive to give our customers the opportunity to be involved in the design process. 

We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, responding to all enquiries in a timely manner, inside and outside of working hours.

- Scott Thurston

CEO and Founder of The Machine Room

Bespoke, high-end

lift supply, installation, and maintenance

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Complete turnkey bespoke lift solutions

Anything is achievable so join us and make your vision a reality. We specialise in delivering up-to-date technology and craftsmanship to create an uncompromising final product.

If you have a simple concept or idea, our designers will be able to assist with inspirational and creative suggestions that you can select and define together to create a truly bespoke solution - and we have a range of products to suit any budget.

A door that is open and closed in the room.

Technologically advanced specialised door systems

Our suppliers distinguish themselves from the mass market by developing high-quality solutions with a long-standing tradition of superior build quality. From integrated fire curtains to integrated web-linked monitors inside landing doors, they are truly innovators and leaders in high-end lift systems.

Their range of ultra quiet high-speed door systems with larger rollers which are low wearing and extremely smooth running due to the roller only performing 2 revolutions per door cycle which allows door opening times of 1.3secs.

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High end lift installations

From Biel in Switzerland where Rolex and Omega watch factories are situated, our supplier keeps good company producing their lifts which incorporate only the finest products with a handmade feel.

As anyone who has purchased high end products before understands, the extended concept and delivery process is well worth the wait to achieve only the finest lifts money can buy which bear the mark “Swiss Made”.

A person is holding onto the card in an elevator.

High security lift systems

In 2015, the Hatton Garden multi-million-pound robbery was conducted through the lift shaft which bypassed all of the preventative measures put in place by the building owner and security provider. In the Mumbai attacks in 2008, the terrorists utilised the lifts to move floor to floor so any risk assessment or security strategy or protocol must include the lift installation and its behaviour.

Our team can work with your provider to ascertain and understand the threat and provide the measures to impede the breach, these are worked on a case by case and are enquiry only.

Lift servicing

and preventative maintenance

Lifts are an essential element of present-day buildings and provide efficient and smooth movement of people and goods. The correct lift maintenance is pivotal and key to their performance, safety, reliability and longevity.

Our lift maintenance contracts are tailored to each individual customer to provide planned and preventative maintenance at an agreed interval to help avoid unnecessary downtime to ensure your lift is functioning at its optimal performance capability.